10 Creative Podcast Topic Ideas to Try in 2021

Whether you are a podcast professional or you have just started podcasting, coming up with podcast topics is no easy feat, especially when you will possibly be creating hundreds of episodes around that topic. 

Lack of ideas is often a result of our assumptions – there are so many podcasts on the topic that I like. There is no audience for my favorite niche. Who will listen to me? But hold up right there! Believe it or not, there’s an audience for everyone. 

The podcasting industry has been growing steadily, but there are still many ideas and angles in every other genre that people haven’t tapped into yet. 

In this article, we’ll share some things to keep in mind when choosing a podcast topic and some creative podcast topic ideas that you can try out for yourself.


Things to keep in mind when choosing a podcast topic

Whatever topic you chose, make sure to consider these points.

It’s alright to check what kind of podcasts are out there. You’ll come across many popular genres and themes that people have been podcasting in. It gives you an idea about what people are listening to. 

However, don’t choose these topics just because they are popular. If you can’t talk about that topic, you’ll end up with a lousy podcast and all your efforts will go in vain. Plus, popular podcasts have high competition, so if you don’t, honestly, like the topic, don’t make a podcast on it.

Pick a topic you can talk about

This point is a no-brainer, but many people are more excited about podcasting and monetization instead of the type of content they want to create. 

Before you choose a podcast topic, ask yourself if you can really talk about it in hundreds of episodes, in every guest interview, in every social media handle post and every time someone asks what your podcast is about. If you can talk about it tirelessly, then you’ve got your podcast topic!

Go niche 

Going niche means creating content around a specific part of a field/topic or addressing a smaller audience. This might sound like going in the opposite direction of everyone, but that’s what you need. 

There are already many podcasts on epic movies in Indian cinema, but if you could podcast about hidden gems of the cinema – the underrated films that don’t make big bucks on screen but are far more worth watching – then that’s something people would actually like to hear about. 

It doesn’t have to be mainstream because people already have enough podcasts for that.

Choose seasonal topic carefully

Seasonal topics like sports are a gamble. They are in demand for only a part of the year. However, if your interest lies in sports, then you can still make it a hit. The key is to create consistent and authentic content during the off-season. 

There might be a fall in demand but that is only because there aren’t many podcasts that stay active during the off-season. You can use this to your advantage and steadily create your audience base.


10 Creative podcast topic ideas

To help you get started, we have listed a few podcast topic ideas below. 

1. How-To-Series

You can unfold this idea in any direction. For instance, you can choose a single field – Book Publishing, and create an entire series on it. In every episode, you discuss the book publishing process and answer questions like: How to complete your manuscript? How to find an editor? How to design the hardcover? How to promote the book? How to sell the book? 

Check out Anybody Can Podcastwhere host, Prince Chhabra, tells you how to create and manage a podcast. The host is often joined by industry experts who share their own how-to.

2. Newbie

Explore a topic that you have no idea about – for instance watching the Marvel Universe movies for the first time! This idea works especially well when you choose something very popular, yet you know nothing about it.

3. Book or Movie Reviews

If you are an avid reader or a movie junkie, then this is the topic for you. For a book review podcast, you can review one of your favorite books or your current reads every week. Make it more fun by inviting a fellow book reader and having a new perspective on the show. For a movie review podcast, you can review the movies every Friday or you can review movies by a particular director or an actor. Check out the My Favourite Bit podcast, where the host picks up his favorite movie scenes and dialogues and explains why it’s his favorite bit.

4. Lifestyle Podcast

A little different from a yoga or exercise podcast, lifestyle podcasts are inclusive of mind, body and soul as seen in podcast, The Hadassah Collective with Claire Marrinan. You can share fantastic life hacks that improve your listeners’ eating habits and mental health, help them stay fit and keep the mind relaxed – improving their health in general.


Did you know a single quote, a single line, can make up an entire episode. Deep-dive into famous quotes or phrases, give a little context, discuss some history and share your thoughts about it! One exemplary podcast to check out under this category is Sukhan by Vrinda Vaid

6. Art

Art comes in many forms: poems, paintings, sculptures, and so much more. Do some research and try explaining these forms from your point of view. It could be the famous painting of Pablo Picasso or a well-versed Korean poem. The point is to explore art from various perspectives as seen in the Teamwork Arts Podcast.

7. Top 10 List

There’s a top 10 for everything! Make a fun podcast where, in every episode, you share your list of “Top 10” just like the podcast, Podlist With Sayasha. From Disney movies and pop music to artists and creators, anything can be categorized in the top 10 list!

8. DIY

There are people who likes to do stuff themselves. Create a DIY podcast for such audiences by taking on a single or more than one project. Give practical tips on how to tackle each project, much like the podcast – Simply One Hack!

9. Food

The world is filled with foodies. Explore and discover food in hidden places that only locals know about. There will be many such spots and small shops with great food tucked in somewhere in your city that people would jump to check out – document about such places in your podcast – much like Amita Thakur does on her podcast, Let’s Talk Food.

10. Outdoor Podcast

This one is for the outdoorsy people who love to try different outdoor activities like camping, rock climbing, trekking, bungee jumping and the list goes on! You can interview industry experts and slowly build a community of people who also enjoy extreme sports.  Your podcast can be about as simple as walking outside to keep your body fit, just like most of the Endure podcasts.


These were 10 creative ideas to get you started in your podcast topic hunt. When you choose a podcast topic, make sure that you are actually interested in that topic. It’s always better to go with a topic that you have expertise in. But sometimes, diving into a topic that you don’t know about and documenting it also ends up in a wonderful podcast. 

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