Hubhopper’s Official Statement

Recently, certain internal feeds and URLs were unintentionally exposed. These URLs were in turn indexed by search engines during their routine crawling exercise.

On being made aware of this oversight, the Hubhopper team rolled back and has scrapped these links altogether. This change has also now reflected across all platforms that have since completed their own crawls and whose data has been refreshed.

During this period, our research of the matter revealed to us that Hubhopper is not the first podcast platform to make this mistake, and we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused to podcasters and the podcast community.

We have also thus taken certain additional steps to ensure that this does not happen again. This includes:

• A three-stepped staged rollout and QA checks for any update to production
• An opt-out option for any podcaster that wishes for Hubhopper to not showcase their podcast
• Disclaimers across our platforms explicitly stating that all 3rd party content is owned by the creator, who can choose to opt-out from Hubhopper’s platform and distribution at any time

We would like to further note that at no point and in no way has this impacted, or will impact podcasters’ listens and data. Hubhopper is a podcast distribution platform and all streams take place directly from creators’ chosen hosting provider.

To be clear, we don’t and never have stored any third-party audio on our own servers and all podcaster analytics remain unaffected.

Hubhopper will always continue to strive in building, growing, democratizing and bettering the Indian podcasting industry, along with the incredible community we love to be inspired by.



Podcasts on Hubhopper are discovered by Hubhopper and our community. Copyright is owned by the content creator, not Hubhopper. To be clear, we don’t and never have stored any 3rd party audio on our own servers, or modify/change/alter any creators’ content in any way. Podcasters have and will continue to get accurate analytics data.

In case anyone would still like to remove their content from the Hubhopper ecosystem, they can feel free to fill in this opt-out form (http://bit.ly/opt-out-hh) and we will be happy to assist them.