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You have already created a stunning podcast cover art, recorded your episodes, edited them to perfection and your podcast is now streaming on all major listening platforms. You have ticked all the boxes in how to make a podcast. Now it’s time to share it with the world. 

You might be wondering how? We have some wonderful tips that will help you promote your podcast better.

Social media can be your best friend when it comes to showcasing your creations to the world. There are so many podcasts these days that it might be difficult for every piece of content to stand out or get discovered on its own. With the help of social media platforms, you can reach your audience and connect with new people every day – in new and exciting ways!


Where to promote your Podcast?



When it comes to promoting your podcast, there are a bunch of social media platforms to choose from. The most popular ones are Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

All these platforms have a wide variety of users that will help you build your audience. Each platform has its own unique features, and in this article, we will walk you through how you can make the most of these platforms with the right content and promotion strategy. 

Remember, podcast promotion is a process that is always on-going. So this post will help you if you are a new podcaster or have already been podcasting for a while.



One thing that you don’t have to worry about when dealing with Twitter is audience and engagement. The world is tweeting away and it’s the perfect platform to promote your podcast and build engaging conversations around your content.

With twitter’s thread, you can share longer posts about your podcast and maximize space on the timeline. Not only that, you can also pin a post on your feed so that whenever someone visits your profile, it’s the first thing that they’ll see. 

If your show supports the guest host format, having online conversations with them will enable you to engage better with your audience. Talk about your podcast and let your listeners know what they can expect in the upcoming episodes. 

Try Twitter Audiocards. Hubhopper has integrated auto-generated video cards on the platform. With this feature, you can add your podcast link on Twitter which will be then converted into an audiocard so that your listeners can stream it directly from there.


With twitter, you can also create moments – where you can loop in tweets from your host or guests to visually package your podcast. Never forget to get your followers’ feedback and ask for suggestions. You can do so through Twitter polls. Get them to talk about your podcast and let it spread.



When we think about Instagram, we can literally picture color palettes bursting out of our screens. It is one of the liveliest social media platforms that enable users to engage with content in very exciting ways.

Instagram is a great platform to build a visual personality for your podcast. 

Instagram stories have proven to be very effective for promotional posts. Besides various fonts and filters, you also get to add funky gifs and stickers to your stories. To keep your viewers updated on your next episode, you can add a countdown before the day it drops.


Another great way to engage with your audience is by using the question sticker in your stories where people can ask you what they are curious about. Did you know you can mark your favorite stories as highlights? Well, you can and whenever anyone visits your profile, they’ll be able to have a look at those highlights so make sure they are good ones.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more that you can do on Instagram like getting suggestions from fans through polls. You can share Audiograms, which essentially are short video or audio snippets of your podcast that give a sneak peek to your audience. These help in driving 5x more engagement as compared to static posts. Use this tool to persuade people into clicking your podcast link and listening to more of your audio content. 

Another smart approach here would be to design your audiograms as per the Instagram Reels dimensions. Since Instagram has been promoting its new features heavily, with reels you can expect to reach a wider set of people. Pick some intriguing audio clips from your episode and you will definitely end up garnering many new listeners! 

Try to maintain a theme throughout your profile as it looks more appealing!


Don’t forget to add the link to your podcast in your bio along with a friendly description of you and your podcast. Think of Instagram as the face of your podcast.



A staggering number of 500 Million people watch videos on Facebook every day. So the best way to promote your podcast on this platform is through video content. The viewership is so huge that even if you get 5% views on your post, it’s still a lot.

For your video content, you can share behind the scenes of your podcast. You can also use the content that you have created for other platforms and tweak it a little bit according to the platform.

Just like Twitter, you can pin your high-performing posts on Facebook as well. Pinned posts help you to boost your traffic. You can even set an expiry date for these pinned posts as they do become irrelevant after a period of time. So even if you forget to remove them, they’ll disappear on their own. 

Facebook has a big community that automatically gives you a huge audience pool. With its Group feature, you can create your own community. Anyone interested in your podcast can join the same. You can connect with your followers better and share exclusive information about your podcast episodes. 


Let’s look at some additional points that you must keep in mind before and after putting up promotional posts on any of the above platforms:

  • Be consistent in promoting your episodes throughout
  • Curate platform-specific and SEO content
  • Use hashtags smartly
  • Share old high performing posts
  • Maintain similar visuals throughout the profile
  • Engage with the audience and gain feedback
  • Monitor your progress and see what’s working and what’s not


Now you know how to use these platforms to promote your podcast. Don’t feel pressured to go on all the social media platforms at once. You can start with the social media platform that you are most comfortable with and then slowly branch out. It’s also okay to lean on more on a specific platform that brings you the most traffic. Keep trying new things and keep promoting your podcast. 

If you haven’t started your podcast then create it with Hubhopper Studio

Happy Podcasting!

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