10 Creative Podcast Topic Ideas to Try in 2021

Whether you are a podcast professional or you have just started podcasting, coming up with podcast topics is no easy feat, especially when you will possibly be creating hundreds of episodes around that topic.  Lack of ideas is often a result of our assumptions – there are so many podcasts on the topic that I […]

Introducing the Hubhopper Studio Mobile App for Android

Today, we are excited to announce the release of the brand new Hubhopper Studio mobile app. We always want podcast creation to be an easy and accessible endeavor for all our creators. With this new addition to the Hubhopper products, creators can now record, edit, and distribute their podcasts from anywhere, at any time with […]

Podcasting by Experts: In Conversation With Dilip Kumar of “The Podcasting University”

For Dilip – internet marketer, niche blogger, podcaster, freelancer, mentor and social media buff – podcasting offers him an opportunity to make use of his experience and help budding podcasters in creating, promoting, and monetizing their shows.  Through “The Podcasting University”, the host aims to help people start their podcast smoothly. Having faced a roadblock […]

How to Grow Your Podcast Through Collaborations

Collaborating with creators and industry experts is one of the fastest routes to grow your podcast. Collaboration is a two-way road, you bring an influential and insightful guest to your podcast and similarly you become a guest on theirs.  It’s a give and take of perspectives between you and the collaborator and audiences for both […]

How to Submit Your Podcast to Gaana in India

Submitting your podcast to major directories is one of the most important steps in creating and publishing a podcast. To start your distribution process submit your podcast on Gaana. Gaana has more than 185 million monthly active users that will help you in reaching different sets of audiences and increase your podcast discovery. While you […]

How to Submit Your Podcast to JioSaavn in India

Submitting your podcast to various directories is an important step as your podcast needs to be available to listeners in the right place. When you are submitting your podcast to Indian directories, make sure that you submit it to JioSaavn. While you can reach global audiences from other platforms, JioSaavn will help you in reaching […]