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Ways to promote your podcast

Knowing how to promote your podcast after finally launching it live, is crucial in the initially stages of building your audience. With all the hard work & creativity put into your amazing new podcast, publishing it and keeping it under the shelf does not do justice to your efforts. Hence, we have compiled some pretty neat ways on how you can promote your podcast without spending a penny! Here are some interesting ways to promote your podcast:-



This is a wonderful tool. You can create your own website through Hubhopper studio and promote it on platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. This website not only has all your episodes, but it also has all your social media handles to enable listeners to connect with you. Here is a video tutorial how how to set up one:




An audiogram is the best tool to share your podcast on social media. Hubhopper studio audiogram tool enables you to create a social video for your podcast in seconds – Just choose an image, caption, and audio file, and Voila! Your audiogram is ready to be downloaded and shared with the world.




Social Media

Let your friends and family know about a new episode that you have released. You can do this by sharing posts, stories, and tweets, and also Linkedin Posts! Yes – The podcast community is growing across Linkedin too. Don’t forget to tag us, we always love seeing new creators come in every day, and we’ll be very happy to connect and share the love 🙂 


Manual RSS feed distribution

While Hubhopper has distributed you to most major platforms there are a few that require creator intervention. Use this RSS to add your podcast to the following platforms. Here is an article to help you understand how you can manually distribute your podcast.


Twitter Video cards

Hubhopper has integrated auto-generated video cards on twitter. Just take the episode URL from your podcast on Hubhopper, add it to Twitter and your fans will be able to stream it directly from there.





Hubhopper is integrated and distributes your podcast to Spotify. Find your podcast on Spotify and share it to your Facebook or Instagram story where your fans can play it directly. Make sure your handles are connected.




Write into platforms

Where your podcast is available for features. Platforms often show a lot of love new creators making waves in a particular genre.


Find the channel that works the best to connect with your listeners. Keeping your listeners engaged & updated is key towards growing your audience. Collaborations with other podcasters & creators also helps you widen your reach to others audience pool. remember, consistency is key.





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