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Hubhopper Community Guidelines

At Hubhopper, we strive to be a safe platform for a diverse range of creators and their communities. We are strong believers in the power of content and its ability to enthrall and have hence worked hard to create and build this community. It is therefore imperative for us to maintain the integrity, experience and safety of our community and users. Here are some guidelines to help you and us uphold this integrity together. Please ensure that these rules are followed in letter and spirit. While some of them may sound intuitive or downright simple, we expect that every user and creator within the Hubhopper community shall adhere to these guidelines.

Violations of these guidelines may lead to the removal of your comments, commenting privileges and/or your Hubhopper account(s). The action will directly correspond to the egregiousness of the violation as well as a precedence of such behaviour. The decision of Hubhopper in such cases shall be final and binding to all related parties.


Hubhopper believes in the freedom of expression. However, we do not encourage comments that promote or condone violence against any individual(s) or group(s) based on race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity. To be precise, there is no room for hate speech of any kind.


Please do not encourage others to do things that might endanger or hurt themselves or others.


We do not allow any comments that are primarily intended to be overtly shocking, horrifying, sensational, or gratuitous. Graphic descriptions of violence or sexual abuse with this intent will be removed.


Hubhopper defends the users’ right to discuss gender identity, sexual expression and unpopular points of view, but we have zero tolerance for sexually explicit comments which are violent, degrading, or humiliating to a group or individuals.


No one likes being spammed. Do not write misleading comments, in order to increase engagement. We do not condone posting large amounts of untargeted, unwanted or repetitive comments.


Harassment of any kind will not be permitted on Hubhopper. Be mindful of the below activities:

  • Doxing: We do not allow doxing, which means sharing an individual’s private information or aggregating their public information for the purpose of intimidating them through harassment.
  • Privacy Invasion/Threats: We do not allow such acts including predatory behaviour, stalking, threats, harassment, intimidation, invading privacy, revealing other people's personal information, and inciting others to commit violent acts.
  • We are striving to create a diverse, thoughtful community full of impassioned opinions, but at the same time make sure that debates and opinions do not verge into the territory of harm or harassment.


If your comment has been reported 3 times by our staff or other users, your comment will be removed. If you have 3 comments removed, your account will be suspended. If you think your account has been wrongfully suspended, please get in touch with