004 - 75Hard Challenge


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Grow Together With Clint And Laura Zeller


#75Hard isn't just a fitness program, it's an all out mental toughness challenge!! Here are the rules: 1. Exercise twice each day for 45 minutes - one must be outdoors. 2. Drink a gallon of water a day. 3. Pick a diet and stick to it with NO CHEAT MEALS and NO ALCOHOL. 4. Read a minimum of 10 pages every day of self development book. 5. Take a progress picture every day. Join us in this challenge and let us know about your progress! Andy Frisella 75Hard Podcast: https://bit.ly/2TrkcfRCan't Hurt Me Book by David Goggins: https://amzn.to/32BhOaI ************************************************************** Grow Together Podcast iTunes: https://apple.co/2PywXU8Spotify: https://bit.ly/2PxwSzXPodbean: https://bit.ly/359MIaDMy Church: Website: http://www.gracelifeonline.comYouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2JlIvdrChurch Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/gracelifeonlineMy Gear: https://kit.co/zeller/vlog-equipment