012: Essential Design Studio Tips with Jeanne Gang


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Founding principal of Studio Gang and MacArthur Fellow, Jeanne Gang joins us this week to offer her advice and tips to architecture students to achieve a great studio design project.Jeanne Gang was awarded the 2017 Louis Kahn Memorial Award for "individuals who have made a significant contribution to the field of architecture." She was also the 2013 Cooper Hewitt Design Museum's National Design Award Winner and was named the 2016 Architect of the Year by the Architectural Review.Jeanne has taught architecture students around the country including Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, Rice University, Columbia University and the Illinois Institute of Technology.As an experienced architect who has maintained a long relationship with the academic world, her advice for architecture students draws from the common mistakes she observes most students making as well as her own design experiences.She is here today on our show to talk about the studio design process at school. We are going to discuss how the design process evolves throughout the course of a project: from research to formulating a concept, developing ideas, process work, and finally presenting your work to a jury.This is one of those episodes that I really wish I had available to me when I was a student and I sincerely hope that helps all of you achieve success in your projects.