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Between Oceans and Gold Teeth


In which Joel and Basie discuss To Giovanni Da Pistoia When the Author Was Painting the Vault of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo, translated by Gail Mazur. Read that version of the poem here. For the Italian text, we used Introduction to Italian Poetry edited by Luciano Rebay. Special thanks to Thomas Reed for chatting with us this week! The battle of how to make three people sound good on this podcast contines, and we're losing! You can really only hear Joel well. -_- References, proof, mentions, recommendations, etcetera: Not a painted but a sculptor? Sistine Chapel Ceiling John Mulaney on Mick Jagger An Open Letter to Professional Youtubers John Oliver on Ivanka & Jared Dave Chappelle on his White Friend, Chip Creation of Eve Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Visit our website, email us, reach out on tumblr, or @OceansGoldTeeth. Subscribe if you never want to miss an episode, and please, tell your friends. Between Oceans and Gold Teeth is a product of Accordion Productions. It is hosted by Basie Cobine and Joel Watson.