#1 A Fresh Start


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We're back! (Yes, again. And yes, for real.) We've been gone for over a year now, and there are going to be some changes. Untethered has a new look, new art, new music, a new co-host and, most importantly, a new mission. As Taylor and Nick set out on their new journey of full-time RV living, they hope to help you learn through their experiences and (more likely) mistakes. Nick and his family have already set out in their Adventure Manufacturing Treasure Ship and have been on the road for three and a half months. Taylor and his girlfriend, Alex, recently purchased a 1973 Avion La Grande and are about to begin the restoration process.     Follow Untethered: Twitter/Anchor Follow Taylor: Twitter/Instagram/MOD/CNET Follow Nick: Twitter/Instagram/High Tech Traveler/The Gray Adventures   Music: Oh Pin Dee by Jon Teague