110: A Christian‘s Response to the World Around Us


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The world and people around us seems to becoming more and more divisive. Whether it's people arguing against masks, vaccines, and abortions, or just the opposite, you can't escape from hearing people's opinions and thoughts on what going on in the world. So, what should a Christians response be to the world around them?   In this episode of RTC, Marc and Fuller sit down with zero show notes and no game plan and simply talk. This conversation was a raw and honest conversation filled with many different questions and thoughts, all with the goal of answering the bigger question of what should be the christian’s response to the world around us?   // Other Episodes You May Enjoy // 103: False Teachers in the Church, Part 2 ft. Rodney Buse of “What Does the Bible Say?” Podcast: https://realtalkchristianpodcast.com/episodes/103-false-teachers-in-the-church-part-2-ft-rodney-buse-of-what-does-the-bible-say-podcast/   097: When We Feel Far from God: https://realtalkchristianpodcast.com/episodes/097-when-we-feel-far-from-god/   096: Idolatry in the Church: https://realtalkchristianpodcast.com/episodes/096-idolatry-in-the-church/   085: Focus: Why am I a Christian?: https://realtalkchristianpodcast.com/episodes/085-focus-why-am-i-a-christian/   076: The Rapture of the Church: https://realtalkchristianpodcast.com/episodes/076-the-rapture-of-the-church/   069: I Know God Loves Me, but Does God Like Me?: https://realtalkchristianpodcast.com/episodes/069-i-know-god-loves-me-but-does-god-like-me/   053: A Christian’s Response 
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