137: Reparations with cameron whitten


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Dear White Women


When you hear the word “reparations” - what do you think? If you’re like us, it’s probably something you sort of thought about in theory, but realize there’s so much to understand that you want to hide. It’s not an easy word with an easy answer or a clear path forward, nor is it uncomplicated.   Fortunately, we love to get complicated AND messy on this podcast, and so that’s why we’re thrilled today to have cameron whitten, the CEO of the racial justice nonprofit Brown Hope and Co-Founder of the Black Resilience Fund on today to talk about reparations, H.R. 40, Portland, and answer all of the questions you may have thought of - or even some that you have not - about reparations. Have questions, comments, or concerns? Email us at hello@dearwhitewomen.com What to listen for: What the word “reparations” really means when we talk about healing the legacy of slavery How reparations can actually show up - is it only cash? Who should the recipients be? And how should they be paid for? What the bill HR 40 entails The history of Portland and Oregon when it comes to slavery and racism About cameron:   At the age of eighteen, cameron whitten (all pronouns) worked themself out of youth homelessness in Portland and has spent the past decade giving back to the same community that was here when they needed it most. cameron has been a leader in several movements for social change, served as the Executive Director of Q Center, and is currently the CEO of racial justice nonprofit Brown Hope and Co-Founder of the Black Resilience Fund. They serve on the board of REACH CDC and Pioneer Courthouse Square.   Where to order your copy of Dear White Women: Let’s Get (Un)comfortable Talking About Racism: https://thecollectivebook.studio/dear-white-women Like what you hear?  Don’t miss another episode and subscribe! Catch up on more commentary between episodes by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – and even more opinions and resources if you join our email list.