14. Soulmates in Isolation


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Soulmates In Business


This episode is our first since coronavirus turned the world into a spin. At the time of recording this episode we’re currently in Stage 3 lockdown in Victoria, Australia. Our business Organic Angels is an online home delivery for organic fruit and veggies and deemed an ‘essential service’ so we have been able to operate still during this time and we share in this episode how the last 6 weeks has been. It has been a vulnerable time and our conversation goes into the changes that we’ve had to make rapidly in the business, how our own fears and anxiety has shown up, what our learnings so far from all of this has been and how now more than ever, having a vision for your life is so important, which we discovered. Whether you’re still going, slowed down or closed the doors on your business you will find some gems in this. Thank you for listening!