22. Two Sides to Every Benjamin


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Relying On Benjamins


Episode 22 of the scripted musical comedy podcast Relying On Benjamins. Contact relyingonbenjamins@gmail.com for questions about the show.Created by Brandon Shapiro & Matt MillerWritten by Brandon ShapiroMusic and Lyrics by Brandon ShapiroEdited, Mixed, and Sound Engineered by Brandon ShapiroExecutive Produced by Brandon ShapiroBenjamin Feyler - Brandon ShapiroBenjamin Ozwald - Matt MillerThe Narrator - Brandon ShapiroThe Man With Many Names, aka The Homeless Man, aka The Mysterious Stranger, aka The Something Else Man, aka The Unknown Nuisance, aka The Unnamed Nuisance, aka Man-Who-Smells-Like-Shit, aka Man-Who-Won't-Say-His-Name, aka The Man Who Has No Home  - Matt MillerJanine Kufo - Libby AndersonFrederick VonWinkle - Brandon ShapiroCarl Salad - Brandon ShapiroRoxford Locksley - Brandon ShapiroAmber Santina - Raya MalcolmEscobar - Niels HansenJoe Jahogavich - Spencer StrenoRandom Clydesdale Citizen - Brandon HuntAdditional Voices - Brandon Shapiro