25: Improving Consistency & Importance of Course Management


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Goforth & Golf


If you want to lower your scores, this episode is a must listen!!  One of the biggest frustrations golfers experience is the lack of consistency in their game. Steve gives very helpful tips on how to improve your consistency and lead you to lower scores. Managing your game around the golf course can be difficult, especially if you're navigating your way around the course the wrong way. Steve offers great suggestions on how you can improve your course management and start down the path to better scores.  Thank you to Pure on Main for sponsoring this podcast! Live a healthier life by achieving whole body wellness the all-natural way with the help of Pure On Main! Visit their website at www.pureonmain.com and start feeling better and living a healthier life!      Thank you to StretchLab of Greenville for sponsoring the podcast! Are you are looking to improve your golf performance? Are you wanting to decrease joint pain? Maybe you simply want a great stretch. No matter what brings you into StretchLab – the benefits of a professional assisted stretching routine are tremendous. Visit their website at www.stretchlab.com to learn more about how they can improve your golf game and your health.   www.goforthgolfinstruction.com          www.willow-creekgolf.com