#29 - How Self-Awareness Saved Me from Myself - with Jackie Coban


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Elevate Your Life and Soul


"I've always been a natural person who's loved people but was always really disappointed by them. And I just woke up one day and wasn't disappointed anymore because I just understood I understood that hurt people hurt people, and it's just made me understand."Self-Awareness is about knowing yourself.  It's about claiming your identity and accepting who you are.  It's about letting go of the people-pleasing and self-sabotaging that can keep you stuck.In this episode, I chatted with Jackie Coban about how self-awareness saved her from herself.Jackie is an Enneagram and Life coach in the NJ/NYC area, working with individuals and companies to create sustainability and reach goals through self-awareness and emotional intelligence.Get the full show notes here: https://malakennedy.com/podcast-29