30 - Worst Dates Ever [Part 3]


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RAW Storytelling


Real people, real stories, unscripted, and uncensored. The theme for this episode is WORST DATES EVER [PART 3]. Listen in and stay RAW! Share your Too RAW To Share secrets at rawstorytelling.org/tooraw or leave us a voicemail with your secret at 786-361-6112. Help us keep the show going by donating or buying some swag. Web: RAWstorytelling.org Instagram: @rawstorytelling Facebook: @rawstorytelling Credits: Hosted by Enid Nolasco of RAW Made. The host venue for this episode was Love Lost and Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. Our podcast editor is Fabiel Lozada. The music you heard in this episode is by Dumbo Gets Mad, Monta, Blackbird Blackbird, and Neon Indian.