378-The One Bad Apple


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Health & Fitness

Most every workplace has (at least) one - the bad apple who always seems to find what's wrong with things and offers no solutions to improve the situation. If you have been listening to Clintcast for awhile, you recognize this type as the ‘troll’ or BMG (Bellyacher/Moaner/Groaner) from other episodes. While every profession has its mistakes/problems, when they occur in healthcare, they can be more severe as sometimes life/health may be at stake. As such, it is very crucial that we be able to deal with these bad apples as quickly as possible, as one of the typical traits of this type is to poison the other apples around them, promulgating a sphere of doom in their wake. Get some help from Clint on hows/whys of dealing with these bad apples before the whole barrel goes bad!