448. Bob Mann, Part 2


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448. Part 2 of our interview with Bob Mann. Bob has a new memoir, Backrooms and Bayous: My Life in Louisiana Politics. State history, behind-the-scenes stories, funny anecdotes, and life lessons come together to form Robert Mann's indelible memoir about his life and career alongside some of the most powerful lawmakers in the South. Offering an in-depth, personal perspective of working in government, Mann shares the lives of major politicians and how they affected his own beliefs, eventually shifting his ideological views. Mann has known every Louisiana governor--aside from Uncle Earl--since 1944. He has interviewed past presidents, senators, and aides as a journalist and served as press secretary to two of the most influential Louisiana legislators. He acted as press secretary to the 1990 US Senate reelection campaign of J. Bennett Johnston when he defeated former Klan leader David Duke. He helped elect Mary Landrieu to the US Senate, and his engaging stories range from Russell Long's struggle with his father's past to how Mann lost John Breaux's suitcase. Through it all, Mann writes with humor and empathy, casting politics and politicians in a refreshing, human light. This week in Louisiana history. December 18, 1948. WDSU become first television station in Louisiana. This week in New Orleans history. December 18, 1948 WDSU-TV first signed on the air on December 18, 1948, as the first television station in the state of Louisiana. It was originally owned by New Orleans businessman Edgar B. Stern, Jr., along with WDSU radio (1280 AM, now WODT; and 93.3 FM, now WQUE-FM). This week in Louisiana. Noel Acadien au Village Christmas at Acadian Village Dates: December 4, 2021 - December 23, 2021 Recurring: Recurring daily Time: 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM Noël Acadien Au Village. Acadian Village, Lafayette. 5:30-9 p.m. $10 at the gate; $8 in advance. Festival fundraiser with half a million lights, displays, food, entertainment, and holiday shopping. 337-981-2364, AcadianVillage.org. Postcards from Louisiana. 12 Yats of Christmas.Listen on iTunes.Listen on Google Play.Listen on Google Podcasts.Listen on Spotify.Listen on Stitcher.Listen on TuneIn.The Louisiana Anthology Home Page.Like us on Facebook.