450. Ashley Steenson, part 2


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450. Part 2 of our interview with Ashley Steenson. Ashley has been researching Teddy Roosevelt in Louisiana. He came here frequently to hunt, and he set up the first national park in Louisiana, Breton Island Reservation, on November 31, 1905. "I’m a PhD student in American intellectual and political history (1850-1950) at The University of Alabama. I completed my MA in history at the University of Mississippi in May 2020. My research considers the connections between political ideologies in the South and the Northeast, primarily during the early twentieth century. I received a graduate minor in gender studies from the Sarah Isom Center in 2020 and serve as a graduate student council member for the Southern Historical Association (2021-2023)." This week in Louisiana history. January 1, 1954. KSLA TV channel 12 in Shreveport, LA (CBS) begins broadcasting   This week in New Orleans history. The first Sugar Bowl game was played there on January 1, 1935, against the Philadelphia Temple Owls. The last was on December 31, 1974 when Nebraska beat Florida 14-10. This week in Louisiana. Situated on the west bank of the Mississippi River directly across from New Orleans, the city of Gretna boasts a quaint, small-town environment within its 4.5 square miles that includes a cultural district and two nationally-recognized historic districts. More than one hundred years since its incorporation in 1913, the city continues to emulate a streetscape of small-town America from long ago, while simultaneously embracing the future with its first female mayor, Belinda C. Constant. Experience Gretna’s charm and rich history as you stroll through its landmarks and enjoy the good food, friendly faces, and exciting seasonal activities.  You will find Gretna a delight for all ages. Postcards from Louisiana. Lauren Sturm / Alizah Star. Listen on iTunes.Listen on Google Play.Listen on Google Podcasts.Listen on Spotify.Listen on Stitcher.Listen on TuneIn.The Louisiana Anthology Home Page.Like us on Facebook.