5: Dil Chahta Hai


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Film Feud: Bollywood

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A tour de force commentary of the urban Indian youth? Or a forced effort that has halted the progression of Indian Cinema? We feud, you decide!  On this week's episode, Vidur and Vikram discuss the 2001 super hit - Dil Chahta Hain. Vikram rues about the _tanhayee_ of the third act, while Vidur can't stop raving about the directorial skills of debutant Farhan Akhtar. The feud comes to a head when the boys disagree (almost violently) about the pros and cons of Akshaye Khanna.  Who do you think won the feud? Let them know who you think won and what points you would have raised during the feud on [facebook](https://www.facebook.com/filmfeudbolly/?ref=br_rs), [instagram](https://www.instagram.com/filmfeudbollywood/) or [twitter](https://twitter.com/filmfeudbolly).