5 Ways To Secure Your Financial Future In Uncertain Times w/ Meltrice Sharp


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1:08 : Introduction to Meltrice Sharp4:48 : How entrepreneurs have to pivot during this time8:03 : How to prioritize your business?8:55 : Fantastic Fives for your business9:44 : What numbers should you know for your business?11:32 : The 3 ‘O’s of Business15:57 : Where to start your business accounting?18:20 : How to adjust your budget to survive and pivot during this pandemic23:50 : More about government grants28:54 : How can entrepreneurs realistically create a budget for themselves to help them?34:37 : Bonus Tip: How to be prepared for anything?40:57 : How to contact Meltrice Sharp44:32 : Special gift from TerDawn Deboe