50th WatchPitch Podcast and LIVECAST


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WatchPitch Podcast: For Start-Ups & Investors


 Welcome to the Season 4 Finale of the WatchPitch Podcast & LIVECAST where we pivot from our Season focus on exits to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the investor community. We also look at what start-ups need to consider as they seek an exit or additional capital during these unprecedented times. We visit with WatchPitch leadership, coaches, investors and fellow start-ups and business owners who are feeling the impacts of the pandemic directly. This is a global event with participants joining the LIVECAST from three continents. The arc of the exit just isn’t being talked about enough particularly because of the pandemic and that’s why we are here…so, let’s jump in, click on the LIVECAST link and get started!EPISODE NOTESThe future ahead is unknown and this offers opportunities for both investors and business owners. The key will be accepting that the months and Quarters ahead will not reflect “business as usual” during this “new normal.” We are thrilled you watched and/or listened to this WatchPitch LIVECAST Episode as we continue to explore the world of exits, mergers and acquisitions for business Founders and Owners ! Thank you for listening and/or watching the WatchPitch channel and podcast.VISIT OUR WATCHPITCH YOU TUBE CHANNEL TO WATCH this and other Episodes NOW