#82 Greyson Foster - “Get the ball in the hole with the least amount of whacks”


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After The Gig


Welcome to another episode of After the Gig with Jesse Humphrey.  This week features singer/songwriter Grayson Foster.  Greyson is based out of Nashville and has a new single out called “Cash Money Honey” out now.  I met Greyson while we were both guests on the records revisited podcast reviewing John Mayer’s album “Try”.  You can check out that episode in the link below.  I hope everyone has a great week and hope to see you soon!   https://linktr.ee/jessehumphrey   Music From the show   Outro:  “Last Train Home” by John Mayer   Email the podcast! afterthegigpod@gmail.com   Support the podcast!   The Merch store  Go to jessehumphrey.com and click the merch button on the homepage! NEW “OVER THE HUMP” MERCH!!    Exclusive Content is on the Patreon page! www.patreon.com/afterthegig   Records Revisited podcast with Guests Jesse Humphrey and Greyson Foster : https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-178-jesse-humphrey-carbon-leaf-grayson-foster/id1438062617?i=1000519897498     Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jhumphreymusic/ https://www.instagram.com/afterthegig/ @afterthegig @jhumphreymusic  #ontourwithjhumps