A Giant Pink Pig Walked Into a Bar With Leon Drolet - Episode 93


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Two Guys named Joe - The DiSano & Munem report

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Political consultants Joe DiSano and Joe Munem fight the audio gremlins and invite their first guest co-host since restarting the show – former state representative and Republican candidate for Macomb County commissioner Leon Drolet. Drolet meets the criteria for an initial invitation – he is in the same fantasy football league with the two Joes. Here are their current league standings:   Drolet, chairman of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, has been in the news recently for several issues: he filed an ethics complaint against  Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Tony Marrocco for using government resources in his re-election campaign, he won his Republican primary election using only a giant pink pig as a campaign sign, and announces on this episode his campaign to oppose the regional transportation tax in metro Detroit.   The trio discuss recent polling showing a surge in strength for the Libertarian candidate for president, Gary Johnson, in conservative west Michigan, along with Trump’s wildly disparate numbers in southeastern Michigan. They also discuss the signifigance of major American newspapers endorsing Johnson for president.   Joe DiSano shares the results of his recent poll indicating that Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero could face defeat in city elections next year.   The Two Joes will be appearing on Monday, October 3, 2016 on Michigan Public Radio’s “Issues and Ale” series at the Beer Grotto in Lansing.   Email your text or audio comments (.mp3 or .wav) comments to us: info@twoguysnamedjoe.com  or visit www.twoguysnamedjoe.com to leave comments. If you wish to be part of the show, email a text or an audio file (either .wav or .mp3). Please limit the file size to under 10 megs. Leave a message on our comment line: 248-631-4077. Views of expressed by the hosts are their own and do not reflect those of others.