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Andrea Klunder – S2E3 New Media Lab with Rob Southgate       On this episode, Rob’s special guest is Andrea Klunder, your Podcast Boss from Podcast Envy and The Creative Impostor. Learn more, subscribe, or contact us at  You can write to Rob at and let us know what you think.  Be sure to rate us and review the episode.  It really helps other people find us.  Thanks!    Andrea's Twitter @AndreaKlunder Andrea's Website The Creative Impostor Rob Southgate’s Twitter @RSouthgate Email Website Patreon Pinterest   SHOW HOSTS: Rob Southgate SHOW EDITOR: Rob Southgate PRODUCER: Rob Southgate   #NewMedia #Podcasting #Business #YouTube #Blogging #Vlogging Transcription 00:00:00 This is a really difficult question. Oh, that's a great question. That's a good question. That is a great question. It's a really good question. I love this question. And I think this really is going to help me kind of meditate and grow on it. Want to hear the answers checkout season two of new media lab with Robert Southgate new episodes every Tuesday available on Spotify. I tunes. Google hod Cass and wherever you subscribe to your favorite podcasts. Welcome back to new media lab. I am so happy you've decided to join me. Again. I am rob Southgate your host. This week's guest is Andrea Klunder from podcast and be and the creative imposter both shows are exceptional and deserve your time. In fact, I think everyone that listens to media lab. Should subscribe to podcast envy as well. Can you tell them a big fan before we get to the interview I do have a little business to take care of? I a show like this is best for the audience and hosting gauged with each other. In other words, get in conversation with me either through Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram patriot or anyplace else. You can find me the Email for this show is Southgate Spall business at gmaiLcom, send me your questions and comments. 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I know the question they all get asked. And that you get asked all the time. If you're a podcast. After the answers. I got back were incredible. You don't wanna miss out on these each week? I plan to post the answers to the question by the guest featured on the free show exclusively for supporters on patriotic. I also plan to post unedited versions of some of the interviews occasionally as well. My suggestion. Pause the podcast. Go to patriotdepot dot com slash new media lab and become a patron today. After you've done that come on back. Listen to this episode. This week's guest is Andrea Klunder from podcast envy. Our interview interviews chock full of information, and ideas that are unique from any of the other guests and absolutely fantastic. Andrea really understands what it takes to be a successful podcast and freely. Shares her thoughts right here enjoy. So Andrea thank you so much for being on. I have some questions here. I up can you? Describe your podcast. 00:03:40 Sure. I have two podcasts right now. The original podcast that I started with and have had the longest is the creative imposter, and that show is all about creativity. Entrepreneurship mindset, and as the name implies imposter syndrome, and it's kind of wide topic show in that. I interview different creative. Individuals anything from. Artists performers writers to entrepreneurs to healers to therapists to all kinds of different types of professions, who I see doing something uniquely creative and outside of the box. And we talk about a lot of different things. But the conversation always comes back to and focuses around this idea of imposter syndrome and self doubt, and how to move beyond those feelings and still create an still put work out there, despite whatever is going on internally in your own mind. And then I also do solo episodes on that show usually riffing off of some kind of topic that came up in one of the interviews, and or talking about relevant examples from my own life that show is at the time of this recording currently on a little bit of a hiatus since last summer, but will be coming back with some kind. New inventive format in two thousand nineteen that I'm working on. And then my current show that is active at this moment is podcast envy. And the podcast envy is a show all about how to craft a podcast that matters. So it's a lot of podcasting tips in advice beyond sort of just the what's the best microphone to us. And how do I make money on my show? 00:05:36 We talk about little deeper things like how to build community or how to make a show that makes some kind of positive social impact some of those deeper kinds of questions what to do when you're feeling burned out, and you don't wanna make your show anymore. And I alternate again between interviews with other podcasters to see how they're doing things. And then also dispensing advice, as I guess this persona that I've taken on as being your podcast boss when did you start podcasting? So I launched the creative imposter in. In October of two thousand fifteen and that was my first show, and that has been steady up until summer of two thousand eight teen and we'll come back in two thousand nineteen. So that's what three years about three years ago and and podcast envy. Launched this past, sir. Just before I decided to take the highest with the other show, partly because managing to shows. In addition to everything else, I do is kind of insane has so podcast envy. Has only been out for August September October for about four months. Great interpret, this all you like are you a celebrity? I would say no, I just had I mentor a group of high school students, and they produce a show called power your story. And we just interviewed someone today who's a professional storyteller in Chicago. And they asked her if she knew anyone famous or had worked with anyone fame. Mous and or any celebrities, and she laughed and she said defense on how you define celebrity. And so I would say, no, although I have been building more. 00:07:25 What would I say brand awareness around myself? I would say that more and more people in the podcasting space know, who I am as a result of my podcast. So I would not call myself a celebrity by any means, but definitely my network in my circle of influence has expanded since I began podcasting. Do you think that gaining audience today is the same as when you started podcasting? Yes. And no, no. Because I had no idea how to gain an audience when I started I had not any shred of a clue as to how to promote my show other than just making sure that it was in as many directories like apple podcasts in Stitcher and Google, and I mean at that time Spotify did not exist as a directory, but does now I really had no idea how to build an audience or get a following other than just telling the the small network of people that I have and the magic of IT tunes, basically. But now it's different because I have learned a lot more about marketing and positioning and have been more intentional and conscientious about how I'm positioning things specifically with podcast envy. So I just have more knowledge and more of a plan. And also, my approach has changed. Rather than just thinking of it as a podcast that I am promoting and marketing, I'm thinking of it as the whole brand over all. And so there are some people who may never listen to my podcast, but they're still some way in which the brand might be useful to them or they might engage with me on social media. Even if they're never going to actually listen to the podcast water. Three key things you've done to grow your audience. 00:09:21 So one thing that has been huge is public speaking. And that is a combination of applying to speak at conferences. I just spoke at podcast movement this past summer for the first time, which was great and definitely gave me a bump in listenership. Also, I seek out opera -tunities here in Chicago locally to speak about podcasting and do free intro workshops. There's a place called nextdoor Chicago that offers free classes in the evenings centered mostly around being an entrepreneur business startup in that sort of thing, and I do quarterly free classes there, and that has really built up my audience and gotten more listeners for the show. And also, my client base, I might add. So just finding opportunities to speak about podcasting and be face to face with people in real time has been huge that would be number one number two would be thinking very specifically about key words in my show and in my episode titles. And you know, I used to just rely on the magic of items and apple podcasts to get my show out there. But with more and more shows being added to the directory every day, I feel like it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. And their search, isn't that great? So I'm really thinking about how I title those episodes. So that they're more easily findable. And then the third thing that I've been doing is just trying to reach people. However, I can and that largely has to do with social media with creating a Facebook group to engage with people more regularly who already know who I am. And then also too. 00:11:26 Oh, another somewhat social media platform is meet up dot com. I have a local meet up group for creative women in Chicago that I've been running way before I ever was podcast staying, but that group has also been a great way to get new listeners. So it's one public speaking face to face with people to being really conscientious and full about keyword, search ability within the directories and three is using various social media platforms to connect with people who might want to listen to the show. Excellent show. What are three key social media practices that you do you may have answered some of it in that last question. But what would you say or three key social media practices? Yes. So I previously disliked all social media everything. Offend very reluctant to put a lot of time and energy into social media. And so I've had to have help and coaching to to get myself on board with some of this one thing that I did that was surprisingly helpful was I recently came back to Lincoln. So I had one of those ancient linked in profiles that was like dusty. And it had it said I worked somewhere that. I haven't worked in years and people kept sending me messages. Congratulations on my work anniversary that was not a place that I currently work, and I revisited Lincoln because I've started coaching other podcasters and producing shows for individuals and nonprofits and a business coach suggested that it might be a social media platform that I come back to so I'm very consistently posting content original content five days a week on Lincoln. And that has been outstanding. Another thing that I'm doing is. 00:13:15 Have the creative imposter Facebook group, and that has been slowly growing and evolving, and it used to be really vague and general kind of like the creative imposter show. And now I've been custom tailoring it a little bit more to have an emphasis on social support for content creators, so it's a little bit more niche down than just creative. But it's not so Nisha just podcasters. And then the third social media practice that I've been doing is joining other people's Facebook groups, and I'm going to cheat. I'm going to lump this together with two so having my own Facebook group and joining other people's Facebook groups and not motivating my shows, but trying to be helpful in those groups and trying to answer people's questions and provide value there without being self promotional and then the third. Third thing would be I've been just having fun and playing on Instagram and something that's new that. I've started doing for my clients before I've started doing for myself is playing with audio grams on Instagram, which are those little video files that have a static image a sound wave animation and sometimes captions. I've been having a lot of fun playing with those with my clients. And so I'm going to start playing with them for myself as well, not necessarily to get people to listen to the show again, but just to have another way for people to engage with my content. Even if they're never going to listen to the show, what is the secret to your podcast success? 00:14:59 I am so much more of a content person than a marketing person. And so I really focus on making sure that I have consistent high-quality content from a particular point of view. So it's not good enough for me to have a show that is about how to make a podcast, I need it to have a specific point of view or to be a specific conversation that I don't see happening in other shows on how to make a podcast. So there needs to be something that is unique that is answering a question or has a unique point of view like for example, I tried to take the position of a please don't pay that much attention to your downloads and stats like just not looking at them. Just don't even look at them and stop putting all of your focus on how to get more downloads. And let's find other metrics to measure the success of your show and to track. How your show is doing? So I try to take sort of like a counterpoint view to certain popular pieces of advice and wisdom out there. So that's that's it consistent quality content. That has a unique point of view. What's the next big thing in podcast, in your opinion? I think the next big thing in podcasting is many things, and it can be described in one way as podcasting is suddenly becoming worn more mainstream. Instead of just this weird little niche thing that I believe apple probably never expected it to take off in the way that it has. And now they're like holy crap. Where all the shows coming from because it's becoming more and more mainstream. What I'm seeing is creative ways that companies brands organizations and individuals are using the medium for different purposes. Like, for example. 00:16:57 Creating a podcast that is not necessarily about marketing, but might be about archiving and documenting a behind the scenes process. That's one of my nonprofit clients that I'm working with right now, they got a grant to create something and part of the grant was to find an innovative way to archive and document process. And so they were like, well, let's make a process podcast. And so even though it is publicly available. It's really more about that documentation piece than it is even promoting or marketing or brands that are doing internal company podcasts or individuals that are using podcasting. As sort of like a social Justice piece. There's a nonprofit hopefully potential client that I just spoke with who they are creating a podcast. So that they can collect short-form anecdotal evidence for. For their positions when they're meeting with local policymakers, and so there's all these ways to take this one medium and use it for all kinds of different purposes, and all kinds of different ways. And I think that that be as it becomes bigger and more mainstream the niching and the diversification becomes more. Interesting. As with each of these interviews, I try to leave with three key takeaways. The three that stood out to me from Andrea art number one seek out opera -tunities to speak live about podcasting number two post original content to Lincoln number three. Join other Facebook groups and provide value without self promoting. So what are your takeaways? What it Andrea say that affected your business and content creation going forward? Share your thoughts on the Facebook thread for this episode. 00:18:52 I would love to read your insights, you can find Andrea at the creative imposter dot com. Make sure to follow Andrea on Facebook. 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You subscribe to podcasts on it really helps others find the show and tells me if you like what I'm doing you can find new media lab on apple podcasts. Google podcasts Stitcher Spotify tune in radio, I heart radio and hopefully anywhere else that distributes podcasts. If you can't find us, let me know. And I'll rectify the situation all this. Plus more links will be in the show notes and on our website. So don't worry if you don't have a pen to write this all down. Thanks again to Andrea Klunder for helping with my thesis and for being such an incredible guest. That's it for this week everyone. The next episode of creators lab will drop next Tuesday. And we'll be back with our next guest on new media lab on Thursday until then get out there and create something.