BA Today Show - June 14, 2012


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BA Today Show


Today's Show: Cubs sign Soler, will he feast or falter in the Cubs farm system? Discussing current and past prospects of the Cubs organization. Who wins this Sunday at WWE's "No Way Out" pay-per-view and who's my favorite to win the briefcase at next month's "Money in the Bank." Game 1 of the NBA Finals - Heat vs. Thunder game overview Russell Westbrook and what NBA Hall of Famer and "NBA's 50 Greatest" his game reminds me of. (Never been compared to) Twitter: @BrianHeartbreak Website: (I do not own the rights to the following songs) Kevin MacLeod - Cut & Run Glory Nugget - Iron Bacon Kayne West & Lupe Fiasco - Touch the Sky Kevin MacLeod - Organic Grunge Kevin MacLeod - Zap Beat Kevin MacLeod - Cut & Dry References: