BEST OF WEEK DAY 6: EPISODE 36 (136): The Ballad of Crusty the Patron


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Tales from the "LiberryCAST"


(Welcome to Best Of Week. As Tales from the "LiberryCAST" rockets toward its final episode, this is my chance to have a look back at some of my favorite episodes from this podcast adaptation of favorite blog entries from Tales from the "Liberry.") While not the stinkiest patron we ever had to deal with, the man who became known as Crusty the Patron was still counted among the worst of the stinky patron lot due to his tenacity in inflicting his stench on us for hours at a time. Crusty suffered from a number of other hygienic ailments that made working at my "liberry" downright unappetizing. And while I was not allowed to kick him out directly, I was able to find at least a temporary solution to the basic problems he caused for us without a direct confrontation.  (Don't eat any pastries while listening to this episode.) This ep also features appearances and references to Parka and the worlds second stinkiest patron, Mr. Stanky.