Best & Worst of 2020, Every American Pie Movie and More! | Gabbing About Movies | Episode 22


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We back, Antonio got COVID and Jonas made some lists. You got that right, people: It's a movie podcast.Intro: 0:00Having COVID-19/Xmas: 0:37HBO Max News: 8:01Citizen Kane: 10:44Begin Again: 22:26The Green Mile: 26:21Searching: 26:40Mosul: 27:41Every American Pie Movie: 32:03The Mist: 52:44The Mist (Spoilers): 55:38Rushmore: 59:09Speed Kills: 1:01:36Airplane!: 1:04:3112th Worst Movies of 2020 (that Jonas saw): 1:09:5820 Best Movies of 2020 (that Jonas saw): 1:23:04 Next episode's films:After Hours (1985) for Antonio and Brass Eye (1997) for Jonas.