Beyond the Wall : Part 3 of 3


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Chronosphere Fiction


City of Eden - Year 2150 - In a genetically perfect society, perfection is never perfect. Written by Patricia Keiller CHARACTERS - Actors MEGAN CLARK – Deborah Cristobal    JUDITH CLARK , VERA ANDERSON – Napoleon Doom  JOHNATHAN CLARK – Frank Guglielmelli JUDITH CLARK, ELIZA GREENAWAY, MARIANNE PETERS, SARAH MARKHAM – Rosanna Jimeno Narrator (and some minor characters) – Daniel French MATT HARGREAVES, SEN. EDWIN FORTHESQUE, PINCIPAL KLINGMAN – Blake Benlan EVELYN MARKHAM – Katelin Curtis WALTER STEADMAN, SIMON PETERS, JOSH LAYTON – Pete Lutz SEN. CHARLES TAYLOR - Spencer James Frederick Production, Music, and Sound Design by Daniel French at Fishbonius Sound Design