Bike Expedition - Cumberland, MD to the Eastern Continental Divide and return.


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Steel City Cycologist


Robert takes us on a day trip from Cumberland, MD to the Eastern Continental Divide, and then down the mountain for 25 miles to Cumberland. The fun part is traveling the first 15 miles (the steepest on the GAP) via the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, to Frostburg, MD. (Now running on weekends until the end of the year.)We leave Cumberland at 11:30am with the bike in the baggage car. Enjoy an hour train ride up the mountain to Frostburg.  We retrieve our bike and watch the locomotive turn around on the turntable.Then we head down the trail to the Frostburg trail head. Turn left and go up the mountain to the Eastern Continental Divide and beautiful vistas. (Bring your camera) Then it's 25 miles down the mountain and back to Cumberland. Time on the bike is about 35 miles. You can add miles by going beyond the Continental Divide.Cumberland is 148 miles from Pittsburgh, about 2 hours and 40 minutes. It's an easy drive down I-79 to Morgantown, WV, then onto I-68 to Cumberland, MD.