Brendon Burchard: How to keep strong friendships while you grow your business and life


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Prowess: Stories Of Leaders Who Have An Edge with Ashley Crouch


Have you ever wondered how some of the most note-worthy business tycoons remain grounded after achieving tremendous notoriety? Are you looking forward to building your business and developing yourself into a true dominion both personally and professionally? Taking the time to educate yourself in areas of personal development will help you pave the way toward your professional success. Don’t underestimate the value of your self-improvement when creating your long-term goals. If you leave your personal development to randomness, you are committing your life to mediocrity.     Listen in now to Season One, Episode Three of the Prowess Podcast and hear Ashley interview Brendon Burchard: NY Times bestselling author, mastermind of the High Performance Academy and according to Oprah, one of the world’s most sought after business coaches. Ashley and Brendon discuss the importance of mentors and investing in yourself first, rather than your business, and how doing so gives you the proper foundation to command a flourishing and influential company.   Brendon rarely gives interviews, so you don’t want to miss his candid opinions. Tune in closely during minutes 13 through 16, to hear Brendon and Ashley chat about friendship and integrity, and then again during minute 22 for Brendon’s thoughts on the impact of doing things that matter.   Your key takeaways from this episode are:    Mentorship is an essential facet of success. Seek the support of someone whose proficiency and expertise you admire.    Focus on personal development before professional development. Don’t prioritize yourself last and expect to ascend in your business.      Build habits in all aspects of your life which support success, health and emotional wealth. Brendon’s book, High Performance Habits, breaks down the patterns and psychology of prosperous, high-achievers and how you can change your habits to become a mogul too.    Success should not create an expectation of people to be just like you.  Instead, choose friends wisely based on character traits and inspire you even if they don’t totally understand you. Don’t lose your honor while you work toward your business’ victories.