"BURNING IT DOWN: BUILDING ANEW” Kim Brown, Host, Burning It Down


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This Week on OUR COMMON GROUND "BURNING IT DOWN: BUILDING ANEW” Guest: Kim Brown, Host, BURN IT DOWN LIVE     NonBougie Black America "Burn it Down with Kim Brown" calls out systemic issues within our society and envisioning a new world. She talks about how to restructure and create systems that are inclusive of everyone. She keeps it real, and actively destroys myths that the media and politicians love that we believe, like American Exceptionalism. She makes microphones rumble.  Burn It Down with Kim Brown is the place where you can set oppression ablaze. Black woman-led independent media that DGAF about taking on the establishment. Subscribe today- and you'll see why Tucker Carlson hates us so much.   Call_In & Listen Line: 347-838-9852 "Transforming Truth to Power, One Broadcast At a Time" Support OUR COMMON GROUND visit our website.  Follow us on FB and Twitter #JaniceOCG Join  our Exchange Community