CAP Advent asylum podcast 3: Mary Lubanjwa


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Through Advent, we're posting short interviews each weekend with asylum-seekers who've been forced into destitution, and remembering that Jesus was born to a refugee couple. The third interview is with Mary Lubanjwa from Uganda. Mary talks about the fear of deportation, the impossibility of returning home yet, and how her faith sustains her: “I want very, very much to go home, but if I go there, I don't know what could happen to me... It's not easy to stay because you can't make friends here. The neighbours, they don't know you, you don't know them... They keep asylum-seekers in darkness - you are not allowed to work.” Church Action on Poverty’s Living Ghosts campaign, part of the Still Human Still Here coalition, is calling for an end to policies which force asylum-seekers into destitution. The interview was carried out by Hazel Healy in Northwest England during summer 2007. Some names have been changed to protect identities. Listening to podcasts If you use Apple's iTunes program, you can download episodes of the Poverty Podcast, and subscribe so that future episodes are downloaded automatically, through the iTunes Store. Or you can just download or play the episode using the link below. It's an MP3 file, which should play without difficulty on most computers. Using podcasts The podcast is an excellent resource to use in churches and campaigning groups. Listening to these stories can give a real sense of the difficulties and problems faced by people living with poverty, and highlight the issues CAP is trying to address in its campaigns. Feel free to use the podcasts as part of presentations on poverty issues, in church services or group meetings. If you - or your church or organisation - have a blog or website, you can include the Advent asylum podcast RSS feed. This will display the podcast, and update when new episodes are added. (Your web host or blog provider should be able to tell you more about using RSS feeds.) Please acknowledge that the podcast has been produced by Church Action on Poverty. The interview in this episode was carried out by Hazel Healy.