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Chalet shares what it was like to grow up in Brooklyn, New York and witness the effects of the crack epidemic which gripped her community. She shares stories of growing up in a strict household with high expectations and excelling in school, sneaking out and clubbing as a young teen, and stories of close-calls and tricky situations. After leaving for college at sixteen she became a successful young professional and went from earning $50k/year to relocating from Brooklyn to Dallas, Texas and at times struggling to make ends-meet on as little as $1,000 a month for a family of four. Today Chalet lives in Virginia and is a Professor, as well as the author of Black Dresses Stain, Relive, and most recently Black from Scratch. Visit Chalet’s website at Podcast Highlight: Ignorance Was Bliss, https://iwbpodcast.comVisit our website If you enjoy Bite Size Biographies please consider recommending us to a friend.