Chandler Bolt: How To Publish Your Bestselling Book, Build Your Brand, And Impact The World


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Prowess: Stories Of Leaders Who Have An Edge with Ashley Crouch


Have you dreamt about writing a book but are intimidated by the process or uncertain of where to begin? Do you view yourself as a thought leader with a story or message so compelling that others need to hear it? Are ready for your message to start making waves but also worried if you do write a book that it will fall flat?Tune in now to Season One, Episode Six of the Prowess Podcast and hear Ashley interview Chandler Bolt. Chandler is a college dropout who went on to become the author of six bestselling books and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. He is also the founder of Self-Publishing School, which is the top online resource for writing your first book in as little as three months.  You don’t want to miss as Chandler talks about the secrets behind the writing process and how it can be broken down into measurable action-steps, can fast track your completion and get your book self-published. He also divulges the reasons self-publishing is preferable over traditional publishing. Listen in as Ashley and Chandler discuss the upcoming Author Advantage Live conference; a smaller, intimate event for serious authors, which is happening September 20-22 in Austin, Texas. This is the conference to learn to sell more books and create bestsellers. In just one weekend, you’ll be learning the fundamentals of a book launch and how to market, sell and leverage your book to propel business growth. Your key takeaways from this episode are: The (real) benefit to publishing a book (which could mean millions in $$$)  Writing a book is a milestone desired by many but accomplished by few. Once you understand the process and have empowered yourself with the knowledge and tools to be successful, you can achieve your dream in as little as 90 days. Self-publishing is the contemporary way to publish, generate sales leads and create fruitful, passive income. Your book’s launch (or even relaunch!) can make or break its success; the launch is just as important as the book’s creation itself.  The pitfalls to watch out for when getting started  How to get your book done and published FAST - by 2020!  How to sell your first 10,000 copies and become a bestseller - even if your book has already been out a while. (You still have a chance!)  Author Advantage Live will teach attendees how to market, launch and create long-lasting sales. Meet others who are ready for their books to get noticed, have their messages heard and level-up their positioning into power player status. Tickets are on sale now. Claim your discounted ticket to Author Advantage LIVE here: RSVP "going" in the Facebook Group: