Chris Haston, Photographer, "If You Want The Biscuit”


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TV & Film

Chris Haston got his first camera when he was 9, that was 48 years ago. He used his $5 allowance to purchase one roll of film per week to shoot it and develop it. He read articles in the art mags to learn how to light his photography. His early love of the art form brought him to taking photos of speed racing before landing his current job on the NBC Universal lot here in Los Angeles. Haston has worked on and captured some of TVs most memorable and moving moments with his camera. He was embedded, not a fly on the wall, but part of all the shows you never wanted to end. I loved his story, his advice to people, and his private back lot tour is pretty spectacular. I hope he writes a book, I’ll be one of the first to get it. I hope you enjoy my chat with Chris Haston. Oh yeah, and don’t be an #ASKhole!!