Communication Transformation System for Powerful Relationships


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Inspirational Business Women Show


Have you ever been frustrated trying to find the right words to clearly express your feelings and opinions, but felt misunderstood in the process? My Special guest Connie Durham can help you regain love, respect and joy in your personal and business relationships. Connie is a John Maxwell Speaker and Trainer and the Founder of Connie’s Clever Concepts. She’ll be sharing some powerful and clever ways to raise your communication skills to have deeper and more satisfying connections in life. She will reveal: 1. The Power of Opposite Attraction 2. How Top Emotions can MisRule You 3. How to Know and Use your Natural Strengths Please join us and post your questions for Connie in the comment section. Don’t miss this show about the Communication Transformation System for Powerful Relationships Each #IBWS provides "a Goldmine of Entrepreneurial Tips, Strategies and Advice to grow your business to new Heights of Success from Inspirational Business Women in the Know.” Hear the inspired stories and personal struggles of these amazing women and learn how they rose to the top of their field while making a big impact on the lives of others. As your host, it is my deepest desire to uplift and inspire our "sister entrepreneurs" to pursue their dreams and share their passions with the world. Together we can "make a real difference" across the globe.