Crawling Into September


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It's All Cobblers To Me


Join Charles, in his car, Danny, in his house and Neil, somewhere in a field (probably*) as they chat about Saturday's 0-0 draw with Crawley and the first month of the season. Were the Cobblers too negative on Saturday? Is there still work to be done in the transfer window? What was Danny's favourite book at last week's book festival? All this and more on It's All Cobblers To Me. _____ Become a member of our Fan Club and support the podcast to receive extra content and be invited into our community Slack channel. Go to ( CONTACT IACTM Visit our website ( Tweet us ( use the #IACTM Facebook ( Email us It’s All Cobblers To Me is a (Vibrant Sound Media) production for fans of ( Northampton Town Football Club). Support this podcast