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Career Uninterrupted


Welcome to "Career Uninterrupted," where we tackle the intersections of work, life, and the challenges of parenthood to make women's careers uninterrupted. 

In the very first episode of Season 2, your host Lochan Narayanan, Career Coach and Founder of OfExperiences sits across Sushant Kalra, an esteemed Parenting Coach and the visionary behind the Parwarish Institute of Parenting. Sushant takes us through his remarkable transformation from someone who once vowed never to have children to become a beacon of guidance for parents globally.

The dialogue sheds light on how he traded his corporate suit for the heartwarming mission of helping families navigate the complexities of modern parenting, emphasizing the need for a tailored approach to each unique family dynamic. Throughout this candid conversation, we explore the intricate dance of balancing demanding careers with the tender art of raising children. We navigate the emotionally charged journey that many face when deciding to pursue passion over job security, and the profound impact such a choice can have on both personal fulfillment and parenting.

Join in as Lochan and Sushant underline: 

  • The societal pressures and stigmas that new moms face.
  • A novel perspective on the role of men as fathers.
  • How fathers can step up to be an equal parent.
  • Educational settings and gendered expectations of parenting roles.
  • Challenges of maintaining one's own identity and finding personal satisfaction.

So join the conversation as we shed light on these topics, offering support and strategies for parents striving to find their equilibrium in the beautiful, often chaotic world of parenting and work.

Guest Bio: 

Sushant Kalra, the renowned parenting coach and founder of Parwarish Institute of Parenting, is often addressed as the Messiah of Families. He has empowered more than 2.5 lac parents across the globe with his interactive workshops and programs.

Sushant is the author of the book 'Perfect Parenting' - THE parenting MANUAL that helps parents find their unique 'perfect' blend of parenting for their unique family setups. 

He is a multiple-time TEDx speaker who specializes in empowering parents and teachers to nurture the limitless potential of children.

Sushant is a Global Presence Ambassador for Parenting2.0 - an international consciousness movement that promotes proactive education for Life Skills, and the winner of the Courageous Class Award by Kenneth Cole Foundation for the work done in the field of empowering parents and educators. 


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