Dance Education in South Korea: Insight into secondary and post-secondary arts education. In conversation with a scholar pursuing a PhD in screendance.


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CNADE Podcast - Dance Education In The 21st Century


What benefits can a worldly understanding of dance education have on our delivery of classes as dance educators? A well-rounded understanding of dance, across countries and cultures provides unique insights and perspectives that, if aligned with your perspectives on teaching and applicable and appropriate for your students, can add a richness and depth to your class. All knowledge we acquire as dance educators can inform our own teaching philosophies and goals for our classes. Today we will gain insight into secondary and post-secondary dance education in Korea with the help of Yerin Lee. GUEST: Yerin Lee is a Korean contemporary dancer and filmmaker based in London and Seoul. Yerin studied Korean traditional dance at Kyunghee University in South Korea. After she moved to London in 2016, she completed an MA in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, University of London and founded her dance project team, ‘Y Dance’, with other Korean artists. Since, Yerin has been creating diverse dance performances, films and programmes, while trying to portray social and political issues through her work. Currently, she is working towards her PhD focused on political performance in screendance with traditional Korean concepts at the University of Roehampton. INSTA: @yenn_dance @yenn_dance_official FB: @yenndanceworks LINKEDIN: Ye Rin Lee WEBISTE: Disclaimer: Any and all ideas and information presented in the following podcast are those of the presenter. The presenter is not an employee or representative of Dance Education Canada (DEC), and is participating in this podcast on a voluntary basis. The ideas and information they express do not necessarily represent the views of the DEC or its partners, employees or affiliates. The ideas and information expressed herein are for general educational purposes only. They should not necessarily be applied to specific individual situations. DEC recommends consulting an expert or professional regarding specific medical, legal or business concerns. DEC makes no representations about the accuracy or suitability of this content. Please note that Canada's National Academy of Dance Education is now operating as Dance Education Canada.