Deceptive Design


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Helpful Links – Harry Brignull’s original list of these deceptive design practices. Edited by Alexander Darlington.Dark Patterns at Scale – A group of Princeton University researchers studied 11,000 shopping websites and created a taxonomy to identify and organize dark patterns. It’s a very thorough investigation of this topic!The Social Dilemma - a Netflix documentary/dramatization about manipulative design’s impact through the lens of social media. Do designers share responsibility for the product experiences they help create and the negative impact it may have on users?Why You Can’t Escape Dark Patterns – an article by Lilly Smith on the GDPR and the stubborn resilience of these patterns despite new regulations. More Ascend UX Content Visit the Ascend UX podcast’s website for more episodes.Read our blog on Medium for helpful articles on UX design. Contact UsWe love your questions and feedback! Please send them to We read every message and may use your question in a future show.Ayan Bihi or Evan Sunwall are always happy to connect with listeners on LinkedIn. Just add a note mentioning the show in your invitation. CreditsThanks to Ultravice and Lakey Inspired for the use of their music.Thanks to our producer and editor Brandon Robinson.This show is created by PROS and the PROS UX Team. Copyright 2020 Ascend UX. All rights reserved.