"Definition of a Rim Bust" | Rim and AB


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Rim and AB


On this week's episode, Rim kind of apologizes for driving the Tiger Woods hype train, AB explains the latest Kardashian fuss, both the fellas talk about what they're watchin', and a new segment called "Remember That Time...?" where we talk about a funny moment from our youth. Plus, a special NBA Playoff Preview: Can our Cavs beat our Sixers? Well,,, stay tuned. 0:30 AB's Kid Kount 2:00 Summer cuts and trims 3:45 Tiger Woods at the Masters - Rim Bust? 9:45 Wrestlemania 34 Recap 13:30 What We're Watching - New Girl 15:30 Wild, Wild Country 18:00 Alex, Inc. 20:15 CABS ARE HERE (Jersey Shore revival) 25:45 Triflin' Tristan Thompson 30:00 NBA Playoffs: Can our Cavs beat our Sixers? 40:30 New Segment - Remember That Time...? 44:15 Breaking Billy Mitchell News (King of Kong controversy RESOLVED wow) See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.