Dental Files March 2020: Program 1:2020 Digital Dentistry Special


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Dental Files


In this episode of Australian Dental Association's Dental Files, released March  2020 - Program 1  Digital Dentistry Special.   As we enter 2020's, it is now clear that the digitisation of dentistry is unstoppable.  To help keep up with this rapidly changing world, this edition of Dental Files Program 1, 2020 features interviews recorded at the recent Digital Dentistry and Dental Technology event held in Sydney.    Robert Laurie takes us through what happens when your practice software is breached and ransomeware locks you out.   Dr Chris Hart shows us how the world of implants has changed, Robert Thomson shows digital workflows in restorations,  Terence Whitty another high tech consultant shows you the latest in intra and extra oral scanning, and Dr Tarun Agarwal covers off the 'big picture' into the future and how patient treatment is improving.