Divine Masculine and Love as Power


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Of Secrets, Nature ... and ... of my Cats


For the audio Podcast of this poem, click below on title in bold: DIVINE MASCULINE AND LOVE AS POWERYou can also get this Podcast from iTunes!This reading is concerning an experience I had about 3-5 years ago of the Divine Masculine and His explanation of Love as Power and sharing that with a circle of people. Was it a dream? Was it an Astral Experience? So hard to say other than it had an impact on me that has never left.However, it has taken me awhile to say anything because I was concerned that it would be taken the wrong way. I have come to recognize that if I might share it without any more comment than the fact that it happened and how it happened, perhaps I can relieve myself of that concern...To contact me, you may email me at: rhosebard@yahoo.com,or visit my WebSite at: www.EldritchTradition.comIf you'd like to Subscribe to this Feed at Feedburner, click on image below: