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Counting the Dead


This year is the 20th anniversary of the transgender day of remembrance (TDoR), when the trans and gender diverse community come together to mourn their dead. But there is a mystery at the heart of TDoR: after 20 years there are still only 3 official homicides despite the communities own experience of violence, prejudice, poverty and disadvantage. Eloise Brook, media spokesperson for the NSW Gender Centre sets out to bring as many names of the unremembered dead to this years TDoR. However, after 6 months of searching she has been unable to find even one more name to add to her list. Then on the 21st of September Filipina transgender woman Mhelody Bruno is murdered in Wagga and everything and nothing changes. In episode one, Eloise maps out the ongoing crisis at the heart of transgender deaths in Australia and attempts to make sense of them in light of the shocking reveal around Mhelody's death. As the trail appears to be going cold, Eloise is given a lead to a Melbourne transgender archive that nobody has looked at in more than 25 years.