DWL Ep.15. Perspective and Guilt


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Dylan' With Life

Society & Culture

The opening was some excerpts from  Sam Harris' "Death and the Present Moment" speech which can be found on Youtube. Reflect on the past but don't stay long. This time at home has led me to become a crazy plant and crazy water fountain person, and i ain't mad about it. I've made my house a home. Perspective. Left vs Right, neither are wrong, neither are correct. What needs to be sought is understanding, not a winner and loser. Try to see all situations from angles other than your own.If you are ever feeling guilty, voice those feelings, tell someone close to you, usually there is no need for you to feel that way.  This Episodes recommendation is house plants. Go buy 3 of them!! Intro and Outro music: "Focus on Love" by Jeris Ft. Kara Square. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License.  Twitter: @Dylanwithlifepc  Instagram: DylanWithLifePod  Email: DylanWithLifePod@gmail.com