DWL Ep.16. Sometimes It Rains


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Dylan' With Life

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Goodnight Moon is a terrifying book.When are our phones no longer phones? Australian wildfires - WW3 - Kobe - Covid-19 ----- aliens and resurrection?  I propose a new sport league where teams compete in multiple sports instead of just one. If something has got you frustrated or upset, think about whether it is still going to make you feel that way in 7 days. If you will be over it and it wont be on your mind after a week, then recognize that and don't let it bother you now. This Episodes recommendation is G.R.I.N.D. by Asher Roth  Intro and Outro music: "Focus on Love" by Jeris Ft. Kara Square. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License.  Twitter: @Dylanwithlifepc  Instagram: DylanWithLifePod  Email: DylanWithLifePod@gmail.com