DWL Ep.20. Brunch


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Dylan' With Life

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How long do I think I could go without conversing with another human? What is the longest I've gone at this point in my life. Would that lead to a mental break and if it did, how aware of a mental break or  schizophrenic-type mental illness would I be?  We gotta talk about these youtube ads man. What's next? At this stage of life I'm growing more and more worried that I won't find a happy path, that after a few years I sour on everything and need some type of change. Is that cycle going to continue? Vote. The Song of Now is Colors - Black PumasThis Episodes recommendation is the board game Sub-Terra. Intro and Outro music: "Focus on Love" by Jeris Ft. Kara Square. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License.  Twitter: @Dylanwithlifepc  Instagram: DylanWithLifePod  Email: DylanWithLifePod@gmail.com