Economic Development Plus Interview with Admissions


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UNLV: Different, Daring, and Diverse


As we see our city being rebuilt with new homes, new businesses, and the expansion of the education offerings, we thought it would be a good time to get some insight from one of our resident experts on what is happening here at UNLV.  Student journalist, Mallika Pal, sat down with the Associate Vide President for Economic Development, Zach Miles. Also, student journalist, Genevieve Grippo, had a great conversation with Kelsey Kaplan from UNLV admissions.  In this interview, they discussed a variety of topics and offered some great insight to the admissions process, financial aid, and the value associated with attending UNLV.      About the podcast: UNLV: Different, Daring, and Diverse!  A university of nearly 30,000 students, UNLV is making a great impact that is representative of its spirit and the community in which it is located – Las Vegas. Never following the traditional path, UNLV is transforming and enhancing the university’s presence on the national stage. From enhanced research and academic opportunities for students- to being selected as the site for the final 2016 Presidential Debate, UNLV is boldly marking its moment in time. Throughout this podcast, we will highlight multiple growth initiatives, speak with experts, and dive into campus news, including the debate, to create conversations and educate listeners on everything that is happening on campus. Visit the UNLV website here: